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What are the therapeutic properties of saffron?

The saffron plant has many properties

What is currently the most attention, the effects of sedation and saffron anti-cancer.

1- Brain syrup: 100 mg of saffron soaked in hot water and then add a glass of milk, this drink can reduce your anxiety.

2 – Increase urine: saffron increases urine flow, thus reducing urinary tract discomfort. Soak one day in the water and then eat with honey the next day.

3 – Treatment of uterus: Saffron is used for women with bleeding or bleeding with pain or uterine infections or labor pain, as well as for the cleaning of the uterus after the birth of the baby.

4 – Lighthearted and breezy: Using saffron with beautiful colors and good perfume can increase appetite

5 – Suitable for colds and shortness of breath: The regular use of saffron is very effective in preventing colds and shortness of breath

6 – Headache treatment: To remove headaches, it is very useful to paste saffron dough on the forehead.

7 – Suitable for skin: Removing skin spots, wound healing, and, at the same time, effective in blood purification.

What is category of saffron in Spain?

On the basis best quality saffron, saffron in Spain is divided into 5 groups.

  • Saffron Coupe
  • Mancha Saffron
  • Saffron Rio
  • Saffron Extra-cut
  • Saffron Sierra

What are other uses of saffron?

  • Saffron is a rich source of b-group vitamins such as riboflavin and thiamine levels.( Contact us to buy saffron)
  • Saffron because the beautiful colors and pleasant taste in most foods and beverages to be consumed.
  • In Britain, Saffron amounts are consumed as lighthearted in sweet meat, soup,sweets, and jam.
  • The use of Saffron is in Spanish cuisine called Paela Valencias and in the famous English cake called Corn wall.
  • Saffron makes digestion easier due to having bitter substances.
  • Saffron for relief of insomnia as well as prevent eye disease and kidney stones.
  • Saffron is used as a menstrual opening.

What are the properties of saffron?

Benefits of saffron

  1.  Strengthen heart and memory
  2.  Increase urine and transpiration
  3.  It is useful for the respiratory tract
  4. Lighthearted and breezy
  5. Blood thinners
  6. Accelerated wound healing
  7. Anti-seizures and anti-Alzheimer’s
  8. Appetizer
  9. Improved color of face

How to detect fake saffron of healthy?

  1. From the bitter taste of saffron , it can be understood that it is Pure saffron or counterfeit.
  2. Pure saffron creates a dark blue color in a sulfuric acid solution.
  3. Pure saffron takes fire early , fakes saffron takes fire hardly.
  4. Fake saffron that is ph is acidic in water solution.

What is the best way to store after opening?

In a cool dry place. This is dried saffron strands.

What is the country of origin of this saffron?